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This is a monograph.

It contains projects, writings and interviews from three different years of investigation. The projects are completed as part of work at Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation.

Digital Copies of Monograph

Volume 1

Volume 2

These books generates its own conception of monograph.  It documents to a standard format a very large volume of work built up over time.

This monograph is not a portfolio.

This monograph is a collection, built over time as a series of individual books brought together as one. It has no index, no table of contents, no unified rationale yet is curated, organized and read as a continuous yet open document. This monograph is an intermediary. It is embedded in act of questioning architecture, made up of architectural elements, representation, words, interviews, essay, drawing and photograph.


Architectural Design

+ Practice.

© 2024 Stephan van Eeden.

New York, United States.

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